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Kempston Mill to Matchstick Wood to Great Barford

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Jonny Clarke
Jonny Clarke

“Go Canoeing hosted our family’s stag, and I must admit I had the best weekend. The event was well organized, the route was great, and the overnight wood camp was spectacular. I would highly recommend the company to even the non-outdoor people.”

Jonny Clarke
Jonny Clarke

“Go Canoeing hosted our family’s stag, and I must admit I had the best weekend. The event was well organized, the route was great, and the overnight wood camp was spectacular. I would highly recommend the company to even the non-outdoor people.”

Events and News

CBD Oil for Outdoor Athletes

Revealing the Benefits of CBD Oil for Outdoor Athletes

Interestingly, cannabidiol, or also known as CBD, has now been making rounds as a beneficial ingredient in certain drinks and food. Moreover, manufacturers are also infusing CBD to other products like soap, deodorant, and moisturizer. This unexpected turn about CBD means it’s cannabis radar’s winner and has really captured the interest of several people and thus, digging more about the advantages of CBD.
As it has gradually made a positive impact on society, others are still dubious about its function. Apparently, CBD is a derivative from cannabinoids, the same source for THC…

Water Sports Safety Tips

Top Water Sports Safety Tips

If you’re looking to make your way into the world of best bayblade water sports, then you’re exactly where you need to be right now. However, whether it’s water skiing, snorkeling, kayaking, boating, or even just swimming, any water sport will require safety precautions as well as for you to understand all the potential dangers involved with it.
For that, here are tips you want to keep in mind:
Know How to Swim
This might seem a little obvious to most; however, around ten people drown and die every day. You probably weren’t aware of this, right? Anyway, this is why this …

First Time Fishing

Guide for First Time Fishing Activity

Fishing is a fun activity for many people. As a newbie, you can try fishing sunglasses as a way of spending your free time. This article will serve as your guide if it’s your first time fishing.
To start, you should prepare the following:

Fishing license if required by the law
Monofilament fishing line- test
Fishing rod and reel
Fishing weights
Fishing hooks
Cork bobber
Fish baits

Making an Improved Clinch Knot
Take the line and pass it through the eye of the hook. Make five turns around the …

Home Selling Guide

Home Selling Guide: What to Do Before Selling Your House

If you think selling my home fast is just as easy as putting a “for sale” sign in your lawn, well think again. There are so many things to do and accomplish to get the selling smooth and easy. You wouldn’t want to go through too many hassles when there are already potential buyers in your front door.
So, to make sure that your plans for selling a house will turn out well and good, you should know what to do beforehand. Here is a guide on what to do before you sell your house in the market.
Find a Real Estate Agent You Can Trust
Working with a real …

Clothing Guide

Clothing Guide for Your Canoeing Activity

Various factors dictate what to wear during canoeing with the main factors including the weather and the type of canoeing or boat used. Summer canoeing is different from winter canoeing, and as such, it demands different clothing. The location of the canoe is also a determinant of the custom t shirtsto wear.
In some cases, the canoe is carried from the water to the land. In such instances, clothing ideal for carrying the canoe should be considered. Nevertheless, the weather is the main factor to determine the type of clothing to wear during a canoeing activity.
That said, there are several clothes and even …

Half Day: Bedford to Cardington Lock to Bedford

This one is the ideal route for any beginner to paddling.  The journey is suitable for young children since adults will be the only ones in the canoe for an hour on each course. Therefore, the children will enjoy a more manageable river journey at a leisurely pace.
The Route
The journey starts at the Bedford’s Victorian Embankment near a local café before exploring Bedfordshire in the rural countryside. The river bank is overflowing with wildlife.
Along the route, there is one portage point. The location enables you to enjoy a picnic before continuing upstream. After you start paddling, you will see the Victorian Boat Slide.

2 Days Canoe and Camp: Kempston Mill to Matchstick Wood to Great Barford

The Great Ouse River is a simple and easy river to paddle in. This trip has a lot of contrasts with the rural stretches and the newly built area around Bedford which is always crowded.
The trail starts at 60 miles down the river from the highest point of navigation. River Ouse has been extremely modernized and canalized over the years. However, after the Second World War, the old navigation fell, showing the increasing interest of people regarding boating.
The Route
Great Ouse is a small river that is above Bedford. After 2.3 miles of paddling, there is a two-railway bridge mark as you approach the Bedford town. Here, paddlers should …

Full Day: Bedford to Great Barford

This is a nice trip to help you pass the time during a short afternoon. The river banks are full of wildlife such as birds, grass snakes, and kingfishers.
There are three main portage points where you can get off the canoe and stretch a little. Most of our clients use these points to grab a bite. You might need a car for the start and finish. The trip might take three hours.
The Route
You start at Longholme Island and start paddling downstream. At first, there won’t be much to see apart from the Victorian Boat Slide which is now a source of green electricity.
As you continue paddling, you will come across the Old Bedford then …

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is canoeing safe for children?

    Yes; however, we recommend a sit-on-top canoe or kayak as it will help you keep an eye on them. We recommend you only take children older than four years for watersports. At that age, they can understand and follow directives.

  • Is paddling safe?

    Paddling is only as safe as you would like it to be. With the right equipment and following instructions to the letter, it can be a low-risk outdoor sport. Make sure you have your buoyancy aid on. If paddling on rough water, consider putting on a helmet.

  • How can I differentiate a canoe from a kayak?

    Most people can’t tell the difference because all kayaks are considered canoes, but not all canoes are kayaks. A canoe is a type of boat which you can sit or kneel on and paddle using a single-bladed paddle. On the other hand, a kayak is a type of canoe where you can only sit and paddle using a double-bladed paddle.

  • Is canoeing an expensive sport?

    Similar to most sports, canoeing is only expensive if you make it. When starting, you will find the need to borrow any equipment that you may need from canoeing or sports centers. Along the way, you will realize you need more gear of your own.
    While the price of these gears will seem shocking and expensive at first, starter equipment are way cheaper than expert equipment.

  • What if I am late for my canoeing trip?

    Arriving late means you might need to take an alternative trip.