We are thrilled to welcome you to our young, active, and adventurous canoeing company. Our company offers recreational opportunities for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts.

Go Canoeing is a growing club that seeks to welcome people from different places and ages to engage in paddling sports. We are thrilled to have new members join us.

Being a young club that is slowly growing, we encourage any input from our members. Please feel free to join in and help us improve our club. Our club members regularly paddle on local rivers. They also go for kayaking and surfing.


Some of the adventures we plan include the following:

  • Canoeing on River Wye
  • Sea kayaking across Scotland
  • Exploring River Thames while Kayaking
  • Sea kayaking across the Jurassic Coast and the Needles
  • Paddling across River Severn
  • Canoeing on the famous Glenn Canoe Trail

Our members are the ones to choose which places to visit then set a schedule afterward. Usually, experienced paddlers organize these trips with the help of member suggestions and inputs. The founders of the company are canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts who chip in to make the adventures a success.

Once in a while, we organize major canoeing or kayaking displays for hundreds of people, and sometimes, it gets the attention of the media.

Being a local UK company, Go Canoeing selects local suppliers as a way to give back to society. We buy local products and outsource them to local businesses.

Besides, we have other local programs and charity events that help us further give back to society. We engage with companies that have high values and impeccable customer service to ensure our members get nothing short of the best.

Looking to paddle and enjoy canoeing with your family? Kindly connect with us through social media or visit us in our headquarters. Let’s go explore together! See you on the river.