Go Canoeing is more than just a profit-oriented organization. We care about our members, their happiness, and their hobbies. We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best canoeing or kayaking experience that you will cherish for decades.

Our company also cares for the environment; therefore, during our trips, we try to clean the surroundings by picking up pollutants. While kayaking and canoeing, we sometimes fish out the dirt from rivers, lakes, and seas.

We are concerned about the lifetime effect of our actions. Therefore, we seek to enjoy our hobbies while ensuring sustainability. We want the next generation to enjoy clean water sources.

In line with these, we have these core values that drive us in the right direction:

Pride in What We Do

We are a family run business that promotes safe recreational activities for our members. Rather than focusing on the now, we care about the future. This explains why we clean the environment – to ensure sustainability. Go Canoeing offers unique outdoor watersports which promote other local businesses as well.

We seek to promote outdoor adventures, learning, and activities. We are proud of our course.

Funding Charities

Our company is focused on giving back to the community. One of the ways we do this is through running and supporting charities for a good cause.

Some of our sports are done to benefit the ones in need. For instance, we hold cycling or canoeing competitions to support a number of charities.

Offering Education

Occasionally, we have programs that educate and guide young people through life. Teenagers and people going through mid-life crisis need help to prevent them from falling into depression and other medical conditions.

The children are the future generation. Therefore, we are happy to help where we can. We offer education through adventurous activities via community groups and schools.