We appreciate testimonials from our clients. Here are some of the feedback we received from some of them:

“With Go Canoeing, my sister and I had a fantastic trip. While it was a first for us, we certainly had a lot of fun. The instructions were precise and simple to follow. The river choice was great, and we enjoyed seeing a lot of wildlife. We had a lunch break and completed the 2nd leg. It was the most significant experience considering how anxious we were. We are considering coming back again.” – Paul Hagland

“Go Canoeing hosted our family’s stag, and I must admit I had the best weekend. The event was well organized, the route was great, and the overnight wood camp was spectacular. I would highly recommend the company to even the non-outdoor people.” – Jonny Clarke

“I am fresh from a 2-hour training on how to paddle. I love the support I got from Go Canoeing. Thank you guys!” – Sue Batchelor