We are honored to help you take on your exhilarating canoeing or kayaking adventure. We offer canoe rentals so you can find a canoe you can paddle in as you explore a lot of breathtaking locations.

Our canoe rental service gives you high-quality kits and boats. The canoe fleet is inclusive of a wide array of vessels, each having different seating configurations. With this, we can cater to everyone: friends, couples, stag parties, hen parties, school groups, and so much more.

Equipment Rentals

We have the right equipment to suit your adventure. We have kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and camping equipment. To suit your personal needs, we have temporary seats for young people, children, and kid-size paddlers.

The equipment we have available for rent includes:

  • Canoe or kayak
  • Paddles (inclusive of junior sculls)
  • Waterproof tops
  • A map
  • Buoyancy aids
  • Trolleys

Canoes are traditional open boats which were initially used to carry loads as people explored across Canada’s wilderness. Each of the kayaks we have varies in terms of the seating capacity and design.

Paddling Routes

Since time immemorial, traditional waterways have always been the heart of paddling. Explore our self-guided paddling routes across the wilderness. You can enjoy our river journeys half or full day.

We have a multi-day trip for anyone who’s looking for a challenge. Along with the tour is a variety of camping options throughout our woodland campsites downstream.


After a tedious day of paddling, spend the night in our campsites and experience life in the wild first-hand. There are other circular routes where customers can explore further.

Experiential Tours

We offer unique half day trips, day trips, or multi-day trips. Occasionally, we have experiential workshops.

½ Day Hire

A significant population of our canoe hire is founded on half-day paddling. The Great Ouse River is slow-moving and provides a perfect view of the spectacular rural countryside, making it perfect for this type of adventure.

Full Day Hire

There are several options under the full day hire. Depending on what you need, we can offer advice regarding the route and duration. The course and length will also depend on what you are paddling in. Some paddle boards will increase your traveling speed.