Full Day: Bedford to Great Barford

This is a nice trip to help you pass the time during a short afternoon. The river banks are full of wildlife such as birds, grass snakes, and kingfishers.

There are three main portage points where you can get off the canoe and stretch a little. Most of our clients use these points to grab a bite. You might need a car for the start and finish. The trip might take three hours.

The Route

You start at Longholme Island and start paddling downstream. At first, there won’t be much to see apart from the Victorian Boat Slide which is now a source of green electricity.

As you continue paddling, you will come across the Old Bedford then the Sandy Railway. On sunny days, you will see turtles on the shores of the water. Under the railway bridge, the Pyramids of Bedford will be visible.

On the right, you will see Castle Mill and then pass under the newly constructed road. The river will appear hidden from the roads, and your paddling journey will start to become interesting with the bends and a bit of current.

Along the route, you will come across a fabulous weekend retreat. At that point, the river will be a little prone to traffic. After the resort, you will see the famous Danish Camp right before the Willington lock.

It is a great place to stop and unwind, especially during a hot day. At the stopover, you can also look at the river from the balcony and get a different view.

When you continue downstream, the start of an old lock will be visible on your right. A few minutes later, the Bradford Bridge will be visible. You may then get out of the boat immediately after the bridge goes left and head to the lowest point of the river.

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