Clothing Guide

Clothing Guide for Your Canoeing Activity

Various factors dictate what to wear during canoeing with the main factors including the weather and the type of canoeing or boat used. Summer canoeing is different from winter canoeing, and as such, it demands different clothing. The location of the canoe is also a determinant of the custom t shirtsto wear.

In some cases, the canoe is carried from the water to the land. In such instances, clothing ideal for carrying the canoe should be considered. Nevertheless, the weather is the main factor to determine the type of clothing to wear during a canoeing activity.

That said, there are several clothes and even custom T-shirts which are ideal for specific weather. Here are some things you want to consider:

Cold weather

Winter canoeing requires more preparation to beat the cold weather. Warm clothing should be prioritized. A wetsuit should also be considered to avoid getting wet, especially when the water is cold and canoeing is in higher altitudes.

If there is no risk of getting wet, a dry suit is considered to keep the body warm. A dry suit creates a dry environment next to the skin, thereby keeping the body warm. However, dry suit alone is not enough to keep your body warm. You also need a thermal base layer to increase its thermal properties. In addition, watertight booties should be worn to keep your feet warm and prevent them from getting wet.

Warm Weather

Weather can be relatively hot during the summer season. When canoeing during warm weather, your main focus should be to protect your body from the effects of the sun and hot weather.

Light clothes are preferred; however, they should have the ability to dry rapidly. Clothes made of UV-resistant material should be considered. However, keep in mind that clothes alone can’t prevent the penetration of UV rays.

You also want to consider wearing a hat to protect your head, neck, and face. Hats with a neck flap and wide brim are the most ideal. Meanwhile, sunglasses are worn to protect the eyes in case of intense sun reflection emanating from the waters.

You should also wear gloves that are lightweight to avoid bristling of your hands during canoeing. Don’t go for heavy gloves as they will add more heat to the hands, making canoeing uncomfortable with a risk of developing blisters.

Safety Gears

In addition to weather, your safety while for canoeing is paramount. Some people wear appropriately for the event but forget their safety. Life jackets or safety floating devices should be worn regardless of your swimming skills.

Once in the waters, there is always a risk of the unknown. Your canoe may capsize or develop leaks which will allow water to enter. In some cases, the weather can get unpredictable and could lead to accidents while in water.

In an event of an accident, a life jacket is a definite lifesaver since it will allow you to float while waiting for help. Additionally, it should be light to allow movements and comfort while canoeing.


Canoeing can be an extreme adventure depending on the scenario. Therefore, you’d want to make sure you consider the right clothing and safety gears before you proceed.

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