Canoeing and Kayaking

Canoeing and Kayaking 101: Bringing Your Dogs

Among the many outdoor activities, canoeing or kayaking is one of the commonly done by people who are both pet owners and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s challenging, fun, and exercises both your body and your mind. However, there are Best Cat Litter For Odor Control that you need to consider, and this goes for both beginners and experts. So read on to learn how to make the most of the activity.

Choosing the Canoe or Kayak

The most ideal vessel choice when going with your pets is to go with the most family-friendly design, with configurations that can give you and your pet comfort. Consider the size of your pets and make sure there is enough room for sitting and movement.

Remember that you may not gain full control of the water and the waves, so your dog may slide off of certain areas. So it is better to have the surfaces padded with foam or mats for increased comfort. Using a high-quality outdoor carpet can protect the boat from the claws of your pet, so that, too, is a viable option.

On Your Own

This one goes without saying: hone your paddling skills first before including your pet in the activity. You shouldn’t risk you or your pet’s life by going on a canoeing trip with zero knowledge on how to get to where you want to be.

Educate yourself. Only when you have done that can you start easy as a beginner and work with calmer waters with accessible docks. Avoid waters with currents for the meantime, even when the rush seems quiet. Your pet will be hesitant and may get agitated on their first go, but this will get better when they realize you got it figured out at the helm.

Safety First

This is considered a relatively safe activity to include your pets precisely because you make use of safety life-preserving equipment like floaters and life vests. The life jackets used by your dog includes handles that allow you to pick them up and bring them to and from the boat. These devices will not only keep you afloat, but will as well provide thermal protection for seasons when the water can get too cold.

Develop a Command

Before going in, your pets need to have full regard of your commands and should observe obedience throughout the duration of the activity. They should be able to follow simple instructions like staying put and moving for risk management.  Observing proper boat etiquette will improve the experience. You can do this by establishing a routine like putting the dogs in the boat first, then you following after.

This is why you need to refine your skills with working on the canoe because your full control of the situation will dictate command over your pet. By no means should you allow an anxious or restless dog atop the canoe or it will topple.

Have fun!

With that being said, still, the main goal of this canoeing or kayaking trip is for you to spend some quality time with your pets and have fun. There are plenty of other activities you can do with your dogs as well, but if you are keen on doing this, always keep the guidelines above in mind. Enjoy your time out under the sun!

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