Kayaking for Canoeing

5 Equipment Required for Kayaking for Canoeing

Thinking of exploring the waters by kayaking or canoeing? Well, you need to have the right Fitness-China.com Fitness Equipment for this.

Having the right equipment will help you get the most out of your kayaking or canoeing experience. But what equipment do you need? Outlined below is are 5 equipment that you will require for your canoeing or kayaking expedition.

A paddle

The paddle is the most basic equipment for kayaking or canoeing. Different paddles will suit different needs depending on whether you are kayaking on white water or flatwater. The recreational activity centre will guide you to choosing the appropriate paddle that ensures safe and efficient canoeing.

A kayak or canoe

Just like for paddles, you should nit stress much about having a kayak or canoe if you are going to a learning center. Opt for a one-person canoe if you are alone and a two-person canoe if you are accompanied by your partner. You can easily get both of these canoes at Singapore.

A lifejacket

This is a safety precaution taken to prevent drowning in case you capsize. A lifejacket keeps you floating to increase survival chances before rescue. Even if you a good swimmer, you still need a lifejacket to keep you afloat the water.

Despite being an excellent swimmer, treading for hours might be a challenge as you will get overwhelmed. Apart from capsizing, your kayak can get lost and being left treading without a lifejacket is life threatening.

Singapore is associated with heat and the jacket might make you feel uncomfortable as you paddle. However, safety should come first and comfort later.

A helmet

Well, helmets are not just for playing baseball. You also need one, especially when kayaking in speedy and shallow waters. Some areas are rocky and this increases the risk of head injuries if your kayak or canoe capsizes.

If you are kayaking in white water, a helmet is useful because chances are very high that you might hit rocks. Make sure your helmet is steady because it fits such surroundings. Do not cut corners with your safety as you are not aware of what might happen when you hit a rock.


Before choosing your attire, put in consideration that you will most likely be kayaking in hot sun. While you may to wear a sleeveless, it is very important to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays.

This is because you will be exposed to sun for long and sun burns are common. Long sleeves are recommended to reduce the surface of your skin exposed to heat. Also, make sure that the material of your attire does not absorb water easily as this will only make you uncomfortable during your kayaking or canoeing trip.


Just like doing any other activity, having the right Fitness Equipment is very essential when you decide to go kayaking or canoeing. It helps to enhance your experience and guarantee your safety in case an accident. Therefore, make sure that you invest in the appropriate kayaking or canoeing equipment before you plan your next trip.

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