Canoe Equipment

The Important Canoe Equipment

If you are a new canoeist, it is really necessary for you to do good research before purchasing a canoe or best basketball shoes and its associated equipment. Do not just go and buy a canoe blindly because, without research, you will end up caught in problems while canoeing. It not about just paddling even if you take advice from experienced canoeists.

At first, you need the very necessary equipment but there is always room to add more gear as you advance in your skills. Consider the following items important before taking a step to canoeing.

  • Canoe

It is important you choose your canoe wisely depending on the occasion. A whitewater canoe is very different when compared to a canoe for recreation or racing. In addition, it is important to be aware that there are canoes for one person, two or three people. Before doing a purchase, you will decide the number of people needed on that boat during a particular adventure. Your level of paddling is also a good consideration depending on whether you are a starter or not.

  • Paddle

It is impossible to canoe if you are lacking a paddle. For this reason, it is evident how important a paddle is. It is advisable that every canoeist should buy an extra paddle. This is because an emergency can happen. A good example is when your paddle breaks by mistake or it gets swept away by water if it gets detached from your canoe. A paddle is important just like how Basketball Shoes are essential to basketball players.

  • Personal floatation device (PFD)

A canoeist is not supposed to get into the water without PFD because it preserves life in case of an emergency. This life jacket will keep you floating in case your canoe capsizes until help is available. It is astonishing because some people fail to include a PFD in their list when purchasing canoe equipment.

This is very wrong because an emergency can happen at any given time and it is essential if you are already prepared. There are places that consider it illegal to paddle without a personal floatation device. If you are several in the canoe, everyone should have their own PFD.

  • Float bags

This is required especially when you are canoeing in whitewater. They are tightly attached at the front and back of your canoe. In case your canoe capsizes or flips over, the canoe will be kept floating hence preventing it from sinking. If your boat sinks by mistake, your life will be highly jeopardized therefore ensure you do not forget to purchase this essential gear.

  • A helmet

A helmet is very essential especially when canoeing in whitewater. It provides adequate protection by ensuring that your temple, forehead, and head’s back is not injured in case of a dangerous fall after capsizing. Choose a helmet that fits your head comfortably.


The discussed equipment is very essential before making your canoeing plans. Some first-time canoeists leave some gear behind and this poses a lot of danger to them hence it is not advisable. Your life is precious therefore ensure you protect yourself from all possible canoeing emergencies. Even in basketball, the players ensure they have the appropriate Basketball Shoes so as to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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