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5 Best Travel Games for a Long Journey

In addition to being a necessity, traveling can also be a fun activity. According to, This is especially true for adventurous people who consider traveling as one of their hobbies.

However, traveling for long periods can take a toll on you. At such moments, you need to relax. One way of doing so is by playing games. Travel games are great inexpensive forms of entertainment that will keep you and others engaged.

There are many game categories to choose from including dice games, video games, board games, card games, and games for adults. The following section highlights the best one for each of the five categories.

Monopoly Deal

Card games are easy to travel with since they take very little space and easily fit into your traveling bag.

Monopoly Deal is a great travel card game that requires 2 to 5 players. This game takes approximately 15 minutes and is similar to Monopoly in its basic premises. The only difference is the use of cards rather than boards.

These cards represent traditional title deeds. The goal is to gather three complete sets by collecting the cards as rent, stealing from other players, or picking them when it’s your turn.

LCR Left Center Right Dice Game

Dice games are also easy to travel with since they have fewer moving parts. Additionally, they are simple to understand and are best suited for the entire family.

LCR Left Center Right Dice Game is a popular and fun dice game that requires three or more players. It comes in a small tin with three dice labeled L, C, or R and 24 chips. The players start with the chips and pass the dice around.

On rolling L, you pass a chip to the player on the left. When you roll R, you pass the chip to the player on the right, and on C, you place the chip in the center pot. The last player with chips wins.


Catan is a popular board game that requires 2-4 players for a game-time of an hour. The game occurs on the fictional island of Catan. Players act as settlers building roads and settlements, trading with others, and acquiring resources.

More points are awarded as settlements grow. Whoever is the first to get 10 points wins.

However, you should note that board games take up a lot of space and cannot fit in a backpack. Thus, they are suitable only for road trips in your car.

AFK Arena

Video games are well suited when traveling by public transport as they don’t irritate other passengers. A good example is the AFK Arena, which is a popular video game that plays for you. AFK stands for away from the keyboard.

The goal is to stop a demon from destroying the world with the help of AFK Arena heroes who make up your dream team. While you are away from the keyboard, your heroes receive upgrades and acquire better fighting gear. You can then advance your campaign when you get back on the app.

What Do You Meme?

If you are looking for the best travel games for adults, What To Do Meme is worth considering. Due to its adult content, this game is not suitable for children.

It is played by pairing caption cards (each player gets 10 of these) with a pile of photos set in the middle to create the funniest meme. A judge selected on a round-by-round basis decides the best combination.


With the list above, you can find the best travel game whether you are traveling with your family or friends. These games will enhance your travel experience and keep you overly engaged. When making your decision, make sure to decide whether the game’s size and weight are suited for your travel means and whether the game is easy to carry.

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